Fitted Furniture and Joinery Gallery section.

On these pages you will find a small selection from the hundreds of jobs I've installed over the years. Please remember they have been designed to the clients' requirements. If you do not see the style you would like please call me to discuss.




So called because they are often built in between the existing chimney breast and a wall, but can also be free-standing. Can be made as a single straight front or can be articulated with a stepped front, or break-front, as required.

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Radiator Covers

Many clients in period homes like to have their modern radiators covered to blend in better with their interiors. Each cover is custom made to fit your home's requirements.

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Shelving Units

Not only bookcases but display shelves. I've put up thousands of shelves over the years and know what sizes will best suit your books and ornaments.

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Home Offices

Many homes these days need to house computers and printers. The best way to accommodate these awkward shaped machines is with custom made fitted furniture.

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Come in all shapes and sizes and custom made ones will make the most of the available space in your home. Here you will see a selection of some of the possibilities: double hanging, hanging and shelves, or all shelved.

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